My Gratitude to ULI

Salesforce Tower made in LEGO by Patty Sherin

Salesforce Tower in LEGO built for ULI Fall Meeting by Patty Sherin

Urban Land Institute commissioned me to build the Salesforce Tower out of LEGO and to be their resident artist at their latest annual meeting held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco this past October. The Salesforce Tower (see link above) is a new high rise being built-in SF. It will be the tallest building on the west coast.

I am honored and grateful to be asked. A special Thank You goes to Lisa McNeil and her entire team for finding me online and making me feel welcomed. I was really impressed by all the attendees from the various backgrounds, skill set and professions. I hope to work with you all again.

ULI is a nonprofit research and education organization founded in 1936. Their mission is, “to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide”.

I was so impressed by the attendees and the different stories people told while building with LEGO at my table.  The funny thing is I shouldn’t be surprised, LEGO fans come from all walks of life. They each design and build differently. Some attendees just sat and mindlessly built stuff, others were very thoughtful, while other simply asked questions of some of the new pieces LEGO makes.  Here are some of my favorite interactions with the attendees from the event:

Two people sat at our table and talked, when they were finished one said to the other, “I’ve noticed that I always build symmetrically”. Her companion laughed and said, “I always build asymmetrically.”

The doors to Heaven or Hell

The doors to Heaven or Hell by 2015 ULI Fall attendee

One woman sat down and said she was not creative at all. I said that was impossible, you just haven’t thought of what you do as creative. So she asked me about a few LEGO elements we had on the table and I put together a few doors with their frames and she came up with this and said, “Here are the doors of heaven and hell”. I was blown away! Simple, yet creative. I suggested she cultivate her creative side. There are so many studies lately stating the usefulness of encouraging your creative side to help you with challenges whether in your professional or personal lives.  I find that overcoming most challenges require creative thinking and sometimes all it takes is a bit of play to get those creative juices flowing. I always recommend playing with LEGO. :)

As always, Thank you for reading.

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